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Episode 9 – Noah Way that Happened

Whoa, ya’ll. Last week was pretty heavy and rant’y (it’s a word) so this week we’re taking it easy on you by discussing the belief of the bible’s global flood account. Yep, good ol’ Noah and his ark. We talk about our previous beliefs concerning this event, when and how those beliefs changed and why those beliefs even matter. We have a few laughs at the expense of others, but this episode is about science and evidence, so that’s what we really try to focus on.

Promised links:

Epic of Gilgamesh (the flood part)

Sample of other flood stories around the world

Also, if we’ve piqued your interest in mythology, there is a really great Crash Course playlist on Youtube for you. It’s narrated by Mike Rugnetta of PBS, is full of cute animations and is easy to follow and understand. Check it out here. If you’re more of a podcast person (we KNOW you are!) and enjoy sassy drunk girls, Spirits is a super fun way to learn about myths and legends from all around the globe. And their cocktail recipes are a bonus.

Did you learn anything new from this episode, or have insights to share that we didn’t discuss? Drop us a comment here, or email us at We love hearing from our fans!

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