Episode 5 – Hello Bigotry, You Old Fiend

After a pretty lighthearted discussion the previous week, Bret & Valerie dig into something meatier by taking on the issue of LGBTQ morality.

Both of us were raised conservative and came to find our ideas changing as we became adults. I (Valerie) stayed in the religious sphere longer and dealt with this conflict differently than Bret, but we both share and we both share how our views evolved as we came into more information and broader views.

Where did this idea that homosexuality is immoral come from in the first place? We chat about that as well as biases we still face with the LGBTQ community, and agree with each other the education is KEY in facing fears or uncomfortable feelings.

I, myself, have struggled to understand transgender issues. Even up until just a few years ago I found it “weird” and therefore “unnatural”. I have made it MY job to educate myself on what I don’t understand, and have found most, if not all, of my discomfort in this area alleviated. I have more compassion and understanding towards transgender persons and a lower tolerance of bigotry and hatred today than I ever have.

Valerie blogged about some thoughts she had after recording this episode here.

Here are a couple of resources we mentioned that you may find useful.

Refuting “clobber passages” in the bible concerning homosexuality and morality https://www.livingout.org/the-bible-and-ssa

Kansas City Oasis transgender lecture. SO GOOD! https://youtu.be/O-yozyCJv-A

This discussion was painted with a broad brush, and is by no means all we have to say on the matter. Expect more episodes on this in the future.

We would love to hear if your views on LBGTQ issues have changed and what the process was like for you. Please comment on our blog or reach out to us on our Facebook page.

Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash

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