Hail Satan? movie review

Episode 4 – Hail Satan? Movie Review

Today we go a little off grid and do a free form movie review. Nothing Roger Ebert worthy, but we do manage to capture our initial responses to the Penny Lane documentary, Hail Satan?, that is gaining popularity.

Valerie has a fan girl moment over co-founder of The Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves, and then (when she composes herself) a candid discussion follows about the film… what parts were or were not surprising and emotional reactions to the movie in general.

5 years ago I (Valerie) would never have considered this film. (Ok, actually I probably would’ve watched it, but in secret.) In fact, when Bret first suggested it I had a small, emotional crisis that involved a lot of nervous giggling. Can I say that this was a complete delight to view and discuss? Because it was! I think our enthusiasm for the separation of church and state issue and what the Satanic Temple stands for will be quite evident, despite the controveries stirred.

You can view the official Hail Satan? trailer here. At the time of our recording the film was out of theaters and only available for rent or purchase through Amazon, although I have seen rumors that it is now available for free on Hulu. It is 100% worth the watch. (viewer discrection advised, blah blah bah…)

Valerie mentioned a meditation app that she uses to fall asleep at night. It’s called Insight Timer and is free to use.

She also wrote a blog piece on something she learned about herself.

As always, we would LOVE to hear your thoughts about this film, positive and negative reactions welcome! What bothered you? What inspired you? What puzzled you? Please comment below!


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